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Redefining Success: Mastering Business Strategy in a Desert Oasis

Hey friends! I recently embarked on a remarkable journey to Scottsdale, Arizona, courtesy of Ashley Kirkwood's Speak Your Way to Cash mastermind, and let me tell you, it was nothing short of extraordinary. This 3-day retreat was a perfect blend of business strategy sessions and well-deserved moments of rest and relaxation set against the backdrop of awe-inspiring desert scenery.

***Business Meets Bliss***

At this luxe retreat, we delved into business strategy, crunched data concerning Black-owned businesses, and engaged in hot seat coaching sessions. It was a powerful mix of learning, laughter, and leaning on one another for support, both in business matters and life's challenges.

***The Power of Connection***

One valuable lesson learned during this retreat is that being a CEO can sometimes feel like a lonely and chaotic journey. But here's the secret sauce: having a squad of supportive individuals by your side makes all the difference. We laughed together, learned together, and provided unwavering support for each other.

***Disconnect to Reconnect***

This retreat reminded me of the importance of temporarily stepping away from the demands of "real life." It allowed us to connect on a deeper level with our peers and, most importantly, with ourselves. It made me ponder a crucial question: Am I still on the path to my dreams, and is it as enjoyable as it once was?

***The Desert's Dry Heat***

Now, let's talk about the weather! As a girl from the 305, I'm no stranger to heat. But I must admit, that dry Arizona heat was something else. I'd gladly take the humidity and breeze of South Florida any day! The absence of palm trees and waterfront views was a bit odd for me, but what replaced them was truly mesmerizing.

The mountains were a sight to behold. It felt like I had stepped into another world. The desert landscape had its own kind of beauty, a rugged charm that was both intimidating and captivating. The contrast between the arid desert and the lush beauty of Miami was a vivid reminder of the diverse landscapes our world offers.

***A Lesson in Pivoting***

Sometimes, we need to pause, reflect, and pivot. If your dream no longer aligns with your passion or purpose, it's okay to reassess and recalibrate. My husband and I gained invaluable clarity during this retreat, helping us set our sights on our next conquest with renewed determination.

This Scottsdale retreat experience was a game-changer. It reinforced the significance of having a supportive community, the need to disconnect to reconnect with our dreams, and the power of pivoting when necessary. I'm now armed with newfound inspiration and a squad of high achieving business owners, ready to conquer our next big goal.

Remember, your journey is as remarkable as the people you share it with. Keep dreaming, keep conquering, and keep believing in yourself!

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