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How to Write A Dedication Page for a Children's Book

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Man writing his dedication in a journal
Deciding who to dedicate your book to can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.

Hey there, aspiring authors and storytellers! 📚

As a publisher and author, I've stumbled upon one question that keeps popping up like a well-worn plot twist: "How in the world do you write a dedication page, and who on earth should make it to the VIP list?" Well, today we're diving headfirst into the art of dedication page crafting, and trust me, it's going to be a wild ride!

**The Basics of Dedication Pages:**

First things first, let's clarify what a dedication page is. It's that charming little page that appears right at the beginning of a book, before the story kicks off, where the author gets to wear their heart on their literary sleeve. It's like the Soul Train acceptance speech of the literary world, but without the designer gowns and red carpet.

**1. The Who's Who:**

Now, the million-dollar question: Who should be graced with a spot on your dedication page? The answer? Well, it's both simple and complicated. Think of it like a VIP guest list for your book's premiere, but with a twist of personal flair. Here are some contenders to consider:

**a. Your Loved Ones:** Start with your partner, your kids, or your ever-patient BFF who kept you company during those late-night writing marathons. These are the true champions, the ones who’ve supported you through your book’s (and life’s) plot twists and page-turning moments. You know, the folks who have had to put up with your quirks and constant, “what do you think about this?”. Just me? Ok. They’ve earned a spot on your dedication page.

**b. Your Writing Squad:** If you've got a writing group or critique buddies who've been your sounding board, helped you conquer writer's block, or even just shared a laugh over author struggles, give them a shout-out.

**c. The Behind-the Scenes Heroes:** Your editor, agent, or anyone who played a pivotal role in getting your masterpiece to the finish line and sprinkled their magic on your book deserves some love. After all, they've seen your work from its messy birth to its polished glory.

**d. The Muse Whisperers:** If there was a particular book, author, or muse that inspired you to embark on your literary journey, don't be shy about mentioning them. It's like giving credit to the wind beneath your wings.

**e. Yourself:** You could also take a page out of Snoop Dogg’s book and thank yourself for getting the thing done and being there for yourself!

"You need to be ok with people being disappointed about not making it to your dedication page. If they weren't instrumental to your author journey, tell them to build a bridge and get over it." – Dr. Shay

**2. Crafting Your Dedication:**

Now that you have your list, let's get down to the writing itself. Dedication pages are all about sentiment and a dash of literary pizzazz. Here's a quick formula to get you started:

**a. Warm Embrace:** Begin with a warm greeting or a heartfelt thank you. "To," "For," "In loving memory of," and "With gratitude to" are some common openers. Create an inviting atmosphere, much like the opening of a captivating story.

**b. The Heartfelt Message:** Express your feelings. You can go the emotional route: "For my rock, my muse, my partner in crime," or the witty way: "To my dog, who always knew when to interrupt my writing with a cuddle session."

**c. A Dash of Whimsy:** Add a touch of humor or whimsy to your dedication. Kids appreciate a good laugh. For example, "To my little adventurers, may your journeys be as wild as your imaginations!"

**d. Short and Sweet:** Keep it concise yet as sweet as a sugar cookie. Children's attention spans are a precious commodity.

**e. The Signature Sign-Off:** Sign off with your name, and you're golden! Whether you opt for a simple "Sincerely [Your Name]" or a personalized note, make it uniquely yours.

**3. Keep It Light and Fun:**

Remember, dedication pages aren't a place for solemnity. Feel free to infuse humor, inside jokes, or quirks that make you and your loved ones laugh. After all, a good chuckle can be the perfect prologue to your literary adventure.

In a nutshell, dedication pages are your chance to tip your hat to the people who made your writing journey possible, all while adding a sprinkle of your unique style. So, whether you choose to go sentimental, witty, or a blend of both, make it authentically you.

Now, grab that pen (or keyboard) and start crafting a dedication page that'll have readers not only diving into your story but also smiling at the very beginning. Happy writing, and remember, the dedication page is just the first chapter of your literary adventure! 📖✨

If you need additional guidance or would like for Muriel'sHouse to help you publish your project, be sure to reach out to us today:


"The number one thing to keep in mind is that the actual story is more important than the dedication. Getting your story out into the world is the MOST important thing."
– Dr. Shay

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